Bornean Orangutan


9 December 1997 (age 21)


Banghi † (father)
Amy (mother)
Unnamed older sibling †
Rimba † and Jambi † (maternal aunts)
Louis † (maternal grandfather)
Jane † (maternal grandmother)
Anak (paternal grandfather)
Twiggy (paternal grandmother)
Unnamed half-sister †
Jin (son)

Gordon is a male Bornean Orangutan. He is the dominant male of his group.

He was born at Monkey World to Amy and her mate Banghi and was the first successful orangutan birth at the park as Amy and Banghi's previous child died not long after birth.

Unfortnatly due to being hand-reared, Amy rejected Gordon, resulting in the newborn being hand-reared by Monkey World's staff members Jeremy Keeling (who had hand-reared Amy) and Mike Coburn. Due to him being premature, Gordon spent the first month of his life in an incubator. A few months later, Gordon lived in a day room at Monkey World and would return to Mike's home at night. He would also later share the day room with a baby chimpanzee named Seamus (who later moved into the nursery group and later the Bachelor Group).

When Gordon was a year old, Jeremy decided to try and reunite him with Amy (who was now the only orangutan living in her enclosure following Banghi's death). After a year of failed attempts, Amy eventually accepted her son.

Eventually, more orangutuans joined the duo, including adolesent females RoRo, Hsiao-Quai (who sadly passed away in 2017), Hsiao-Lan, Lucky, A-Mei and an adult male named Tuan, who acted as a father figure to Gordon. However, two years later, Gordon disrupted Tuan when he was mating with Amy, resulting in the older male biting the youngster. Amy came to her son's defence and a fight broke out, resulting in the group having to be split into two. Gordon later developted a lazy eye due to a rough play session with Tuan and RoRo.

Gordon later moved into the Orangutan Nursery and lived there with A-mei, Aris, Hsiao-Ning and Joly.

He later lived in an adult group with Hsiao-Quai, her son Kai and Hsiao-Lan and briefly Aris, who died from a stroke in 2007.

In 2008, Gordon gained a half-sister after Amy mated with Tuan. Sadly, the baby passed away a day later.

In 2009, Gordon mated with Hsiao-Quai and had a son with her named Jin. In 2010, Hsiao-Ning joined the group, but later moved back to the nursery after she continuously rejected Gordon's affections. In 2012, Gordon began to mature more and started to view Kai as a rival instead of a friend. Not wishing for a repeat of what had happened between Gordon and Tuan, Monkey World staff decided that Kai would be moved to the nursery for his safety. Hsiao-Quai along with Jin and Awan (Hsiao-Lan's daughter whom Hsiao-Quai had adopted) were also later moved to the nursery.

Another female named Lucky joined Gordon's Group. The group originally lived in an enclosure next door to Tuan's Group, but in 2014, in order to avoid tensions between Gordon and Tuan, Gordon and his group (consisting of Amy, Hsiao-Lan and Lucky) swapped enclosures with Sally's Group.

Lucky later moved into Tuan's Group in 2016 after she found herself in a low-ranking position in the group.

Currently, Gordon lives with Amy and Hsiao-Lan and serves as alpha male.