2 March 1999 (age 20)


Paddy † (father)
Cherri (mother)
Bart (half-brother)
Hebe †, Johni, Eddi, Pip †, Ash, Thelma and Louise † (half-sisters)

Seamus is a male chimpanzee. He is a member of the Bachelor Group.

He was born at Monkey World to Paddy and Cherri. A short time before Seamus' birth, Cherri (who was an adolescent at the time) was moved from Paddy's group and into a group led by Rodney. After Seamus was born, Cherri cared for him for the first week of his life, but eventually started putting him down to play with the other chimps in the group. This resulted in Seamus being hand reared by Monkey World's Animal Director Jeremy Keeling. During the day whilst Jeremy was working, Seamus would share a day room with a young male orangutan named Gordon.

Seamus was later hand reared with his paternal half-sister Johni after her mother Clin could not care for her properly. In 2000, Seamus was placed in the park's nursery group which was led by Sally, who at the time was caring for two young female chimps named Honey and Eveline. Whilst Honey accepted Seamus, Eveline was at first hostile towards him (as she felt that he would come between her and Sally, whom Eveline had a close bond with), but eventually warmed to him. They were later joined by a one-armed female chimp named Lulu. After Honey and Eveline joined Rodney's group, Seamus and Sally were joined by a male chimp named Carli (who previously was an actor), Johni, Tutti, Ben and Pip (who was Seamus' maternal half-sister). Seamus was treated like a son by Sally, who would spoil him and let him get away with things.

In 2005, change came when Carli was moved from the nursery group to the Bachelor Group whilst Seamus was to move back to his birth group (which was now led by Hananya, following Rodney's death in 2004) with Tutti. However whilst Tutti fitted in with the group, Seamus did not and was returned to the nursery group.

In 2007, after beginning to act rough towards the younger chimps in the nursery group, Seamus was moved to the Bachelor Group were unlike Hananya's group, he fitted in and reunited with Carli. In 2009, Seamus was reunited with Ben after he joined the Bachelor Group after failing to fit into Hananya's Group.

Currently, Seamus still lives in the Bachelor Group.



  • In the television series Monkey Business, Seamus is incorrectly stated to be Rodney's son instead of Paddy's.